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Welcome to Beeman Jewelry Design, your personal jewelry designer in New York and LA for custom and handmade jewelry. Beeman Jewelry Design provides access to the world's finest jewelry, with an ever changing inventory of beautiful cultural jewelry, and a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in the jewelry trade.

Whether you view jewelry as art, an investment, a sentimental gift, or a combination of all three, Beeman Jewelry Design personalized services provide valuable guidance to individuals interested in building and refining their custom jewelry collection.

Beeman Jewelry Design is a high end jewelry boutique and online store specializing as in unique and contemporary jewelry with styles from many different cultures around the world. Beeman Jewelry Design offers a wide variety Native American jewelry, European Jewelry, African jewelry, and many others. Regardless of style origin, however, each piece in Beeman Jewelry Design remarkable collection has the triple hallmark of elegance, style and outstanding value.

Influenced by many years of travel, John Beeman has been influenced by diverse cultures around the world. From Native American, East and Western European, as well as Asian, African and Middle Eastern Art, we have developed an unusual interest in adopting myriad custom jeweler styles and assembly techniques. Just as contemporary art and fashion is driven by world influence, we feel that handmade jewelry and accessories can provide a distinctive and original element for the discriminating fashionista. All of our products are one-of-a-kind jewelry and personally assembled by John.

So visit Beeman Jewelry Design online today at BeemanJewelryDesign.com to see our extensive collection of unique jewelry.